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God,  1st and 2nd Amendment rights, and private landowner rights

Better Leadership for a better Chattooga County!


Dear Fellow Chattooga County Citizens,


After much consideration and prayer by myself and my family, we are ready to take a step in life that only God could have led us to. Never in a million years would I have considered or taken a risk like this. I, Andy Allen, would like your consideration in the 2024 Chattooga County Commissioners Election.


Although many of you do know my family and me, there are just as many who do not. Let me start by saying in this exact order: I believe in God, Family, and Country. I was born and raised in our beautiful county and have resided here for 46 years. In 2001, I married my wife Whitney at Lyerly First Baptist Church. Five years later, our twins, Jackson and Karsyn, were born. We reside on North Little Sand Mountain in the southeast corner of our county on the farm where I was raised. We are members of Little Sand Mountain Baptist Church. 


In 1996, I graduated from Chattooga High School and went to Georgia Northwestern Technical College, earning degrees in business, metal fabrication, and blueprinting. Since I was 20 years old, I have been an independent business owner. In 2000, I incorporated Double A Timber Co. We served many corporate and private landowners across North Georgia, Alabama, and Southern Tennessee. We employed 20 full-time employees at full staff, including truck drivers, mechanics, machine operators, and timber buyers. My family and I currently manage and operate Jackar Cattle Company LLC, where we raise beef and replacement heifers sold all over the Southeast. 


As Commissioner, I plan on using that same knowledge and experience to help me run our county's daily operations efficiently. I also currently sit on the Gore Fire Dept Board and the Georgia Workforce Development Board and am a Trustee at our church. 


I'm not a politician or writer but a businessman with true conservative Republican values. 


I believe in a small government. A government that doesn't get in the way of the people it represents. A government that provides the basic services required for the efficient operation of the county and performs that work fairly and equally for all taxpayers. A government that doesn't get in the way of its citizens with needless regulations or discourages small businesses from growing to their full potential. I want to keep our local government limited to what is required, accessible to all who need it, and as fair as possible to the people I represent. I believe the top three issues we face are:


Land Use Ordinance: The current land use ordinance was enacted unjustly and without a vote of the people. It is too overbearing for where our county is at this time. It oversteps private landowner rights and discourages growth from the businesses in our community.


County Budget: The people of the county need to be receiving the services for which they are paying. We need qualified employees, and we need to ensure we value those employees enough to keep our wages and benefits competitive with other counties for better retention, as well as making all county officials accountable for the positions they hold. I will re-budget our operating funds best to serve our taxpayers in the most efficient way possible.


Basic County Infrastructure: Our roads, bridges, and county office buildings need significant maintenance and repair. The rural Fire Departments across our county need funding to remain solvent and comply with state and federal requirements. Our Sheriff's Office should get what is required to keep our community safe. All of these things should happen before funding pet projects or taking in roads that aren't to any kind of standard.


In conclusion, my word is what I stand on and is my bond! I promise the people of the county truthfulness and transparency in all aspects of the job. To rebuild the basic services and to stand up for the voters in this county, not for the special interest of the state or to a select few people for personal gain. To set the expectation and hold all offices associated with the Commissioner's office to a higher standard. These are just a few of the many challenges I see, and if the people of the county are willing to accept my candidacy for County Commissioner, with the community's help, we can solve these issues and more. We are all neighbors in Chattooga County and will stand stronger together.


Thank you for your time and consideration!


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