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  I have never offered a public endorsement of a political candidate because I have never desired the spotlight of local politics.  I’ve never had what I felt was sufficient experience with a candidate to say with absolute certainty that I would be willing to stake my own reputation on the content of their character.  I am willing to do just that with Andy Allen and his candidacy for the office of Commissioner of Chattooga County.

  I have known Andy practically since birth.  He has experienced the whole spectrum of economic circumstances in his life.  Andy started with humble beginnings on Little Sand Mountain.  He learned to farm and was a skilled rodeo man.  Later on, he began a career in the logging industry.  Andy’s business savvy and an eye for opportunity helped him build his own company that employed and provided for many families in this county.  It is no small feat to build your own company from scratch and grow and develop it into a resounding success.  Andy had to be a good salesman, a good communicator, an innovator, a problem solver, be able to think quickly on his feet and make the best possible decisions under duress not only for him but for the sake of his employees and their families.   

  In my own conversations with Andy since he announced his candidacy, I often questioned him as to why he wanted to run for Commissioner.  I would often tell him “You don’t need this.”  There is a lot of stress and pressure involved with the job.  Andy stated unequivocally that the reason he wants to do this is that he loves Chattooga County and he wants this county to grow and prosper.  There is no better motivation to be a public servant that this.  Andy has the business background that is needed to lead this county.  Andy is a genuine Christian man that has lived out his faith with his actions and not just in word.  I have no reservations whatsoever to offer my full support and endorsement for Andy Allen in his bid to become Commissioner of Chattooga County.


Ben Groce



All Chattooga County Citizens,


  We at Lanier Farms  located in the Teloga area are proud to support and appreciate the efforts of Andy Allen.  As a cattle producer we appreciate the time he has spent listening to our concerns and the problems we all face. As a Farmer himself, we feel he sees the needs and importance of the current state of agriculture in our county. And we feel over the past 2 years, he has stood up for landowner rights and for fair taxation in our community.  We feel that Andy Allen has the knowledge, experience, and determination to help lead our county in the right direction.


 Kingston and Keylie Lanier           

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